Russian military flee from Nikolaev, getting hit in the teeth by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (video)

Violetta Orlova 17:28, 15.03.22 UNIAN

In some areas, the invaders are suffering a crushing defeat.

The occupiers are fleeing the APU / ScreenshotThe occupiers are fleeing the APU / Screenshot

The Russian occupiers are suffering a crushing defeat in some directions. So, near Nikolaev, they were rebuffed by the Ukrainian military and were forced to flee.

The corresponding video was shared in his Telegram channel “Telegraph”.

“And this is the Russian military running away from Nikolaev back towards Crimea, after watching how the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidate their brothers,” the video was signed.

Earlier, the head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration, Vitaly Kim, stated in his Telegram channel that villages were being cleaned up in the region. He also claimed that after the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Chernobaivka, through Kherson, towards the Mykolaiv region, a column of invaders was going, they were fleeing.

Earlier, the head of the Nikolaev regional military-civilian administration, Vitaly Kim, said that they plan to apply new approaches in the defense of the city. “There is one idea regarding strengthening the defense of the city. Everyone will like it. I am now studying it from a technical point of view – I am coordinating with military and engineering networks.


  1. That is fantastic. Vitaly Kim is becoming a national hero for his inspirational leadership and his wonderful military commanders.

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