Reports of Russian drone landing in Romania – media

Reports of Russian drone landing in Romania - media

Reports of Russian drone landing in Romania – media

14.03.2022 17:30

An unmanned aerial vehicle, most likely of Russian origin, was found in the Romanian municipality of Dumitra, just over 100 kilometers south of the Ukrainian border.

This was reported by the Balkan Observer on Facebook, according to Ukrinform

Local police have launched an inquiry after a resident of the Bistrița-Năsăud district in the Eastern Carpathians reported that an unidentified drone had landed on a lawn near his home.

A local police spokesman claimed the model had no equipment or signs to suggest that it was a military or war-related aircraft.

However, according to images circulating on the Internet, the “model” is actually a Russian Orlan-10 drone, used to gather intelligence and spot targets.

Orlan-10 drones are exclusively Russian-made and have been used continuously in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine since 2014.

Earlier, Croatian Defense Minister Mario Banozic said a military drone, which apparently flew out of Ukraine’s combat zone and across the territory of three European NATO allies before exploding in the urban area of the Croatian capital, was armed with an explosive device. No official confirmation followed that the UAV belonged to Russia.Read also: Russian drone, used to adjust artillery fire, shot down in Zhytomyr region

As Ukrinform reported earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address it is a matter of time until Russia’s launches missiles at NATO allies if the bloc fails to introduce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops have been shelling and destroying infrastructure, massively bombing residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages using artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and ballistic missiles.


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