Prime Minister of Lithuania: Ukraine like no other deserved EU membership

Violetta Orlova 17:45, 03/14/22 UNIAN

Ukraine has paid too high a price for its European future, the head of the Lithuanian government is sure.

Ingrida Simonyte supported Ukraine's accession to the EU / photo REUTERSIngrida Simonyte supported Ukraine’s accession to the EU / photo REUTERS

Ukraine, by its struggle in the war against the Russian Federation, has earned membership in the European Union. Brussels, from a moral point of view, should grant it the status of a candidate country.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte.

“No country has paid such a high price for its desire to be part of the European family. Therefore, we believe that Ukraine deserved the status of a candidate, and this is due to our moral duty towards the people in Ukraine,” she said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the European Union  did not support Ukraine’s application  for accelerated accession: European countries blocked the decision. At the same time, refugees from Ukraine will continue to receive assistance in the EU. The EU will also help Ukraine recover from the war.

Earlier, President Volodymyr  Zelensky said that our people, our state, our army have already done everything to invite Ukraine to the European Union.


  1. Ukraine deserves Nato membership to be able to breathe and balance out EU and ruSSinist imperialism. Ukraine deserves to be independent and strong, no longer a lackey of powers who don’t give a shit about Ukraine, but only their selfish interests.

  2. Maybe Ukraine won’t need EU membership anymore after the mafiosi are defeated. Maybe the Ukrainian people will tell them AND NATO to go fuck yourselves.

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