Russia asks China for military aid – Financial Times

The Russian Federation has been requesting military equipment and other assistance since the beginning of the invasion.

Moscow asks Beijing for military assistance / photo REUTERSMoscow asks Beijing for military assistance / photo REUTERS

Russia has requested military equipment from China to support its invasion of Ukraine.

Writes about it Financial Times .

Officials familiar with the situation say US national security adviser Jake Sullivan will sternly warn China that any attempt to help Russia pursue an invasion or evade Western sanctions will have repercussions.

The White House fears the move is a sign of closer ties between Beijing and Moscow.

Also, a positive Chinese response could undermine Western efforts to help Ukraine.

Other officials told the publication that there are signs that Russia is running out of some weapons.

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  1. Unfortunately I don’t see Biden having the balls to do anything. My only hope is that Boris will shake Biden into doing something strong

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