Russia legalized the looting of its army in Ukraine, instructing to switch to “self-sufficiency” – intelligence

It is noted that the looting of Russians is accompanied by numerous cases of crimes against the civilian population of Ukraine: murders, torture and rape.

The command of the Russian army legalized looting / photo REUTERSThe command of the Russian army legalized looting / photo REUTERS

The occupier’s army actually legalizes looting by instructing its servicemen who attacked Ukraine to switch to “self-sufficiency.”

This is stated in a message on the page of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Facebook .

“The occupying army legalizes looting. Due to an unsuccessful attempt to conduct a brilliant offensive, the invaders are forced to change tactics. Due to significant logistical problems and lengthy communications, they are unable to properly provide their units with fuel, food, equipment, ammunition and carry out rotation,” they stated in intelligence.

So, the report says, now the main task of the occupiers is to gain a foothold in existing positions, hiding behind the local population.

“At the same time, the units of Putin’s troops remain cut off from supplies for an indefinite time and were instructed to switch to” self-sufficiency “until further orders. That is, to take everything they need from the local population and rob warehouses, shops, pharmacies,” the intelligence service noted.

Therefore, the footage of looting that has spread all over the world in recent days is not isolated cases, the GUR added.

“In addition, they are accompanied by numerous cases of grave crimes against the civilian population: murder, torture, rape. Including minors. This is a targeted terror policy of the occupying state, encouraged by its top leadership,” the intelligence agency noted.

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  1. That’s why Russia is mafia land. It’s a crime syndicate. Period. And, it’s full of war criminals.

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