Only military defeat in Ukraine can stop Putin from pursuing his larger goals, Skobov says

2022/03/11 – 05:30 – Euromaidan Press

Hitler goose-steps across the ‘spineless leaders of democracy’ towards his goal: ‘Boss of the Universe.’ The first 3 steps are labelled ‘Rearmament,’ ‘Rhineland’ and ‘Danzig.’ This prophetic cartoon by the British cartoonist David Low appeared in the Evening Standard newspaper in July 1936. 

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In proposing theses for an open letter condemning Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, Moscow commentator Aleksandr Skobov has stated in lapidary terms why the West must support the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people. The reason is simple: unless Putin is defeated in Ukraine, he will attack other countries, including those in the West.

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It should be obvious to all, he argues, that “Putin wants to put on its knees not just Ukraine. He is seeking to put the entire civilized world on its knees. He wants to impose ‘a new world order’ without any legal limitations on the use of force … In this world no one will have any guarantees of freedom and security.”

“This is the very same ‘world order’ which Hitler sought to impose, and the threat to human civilization emanating from Putin at a minimum is no less than the threat which came from Hitler,” Skobov continues. And just as Hitler could not be stopped by appeasement or compromises, Putin cannot be stopped by those means either.

According to Skobov, “Putin will unceasingly move toward his goal; and attempts by NATO countries to avoid at any price a direct military clash with him will only lead to an increase in his appetites and a further raising of the stakes and further escalation.”

If the Free World watches without acting while Ukraine bleeds, “this will mark the moral and political collapse of the Western community and the affirmation of Putin’s ‘new world order.’”

Moreover, NATO will “sooner or later” be drawn into this conflict but just as with Hitler in the 1930s “in still worse conditions for itself.”

“Today,” Skobov continues, “only a military defeat in Ukraine can stop Putin,” To that end, the West must “move from a policy of sanctions to a policy of complete economic blockade of Russia, a complete diplomatic blockade of Russia and refuse to have any talks with Putin,” having accurately described him as “a new Hitler.”

At the same time, he argues, the West must “immediately provide Ukraine with large-scale aid in arms,” including anti-aircraft weapons, military jets, and volunteers, and “if these measures prove insufficient,” to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Those who might sign this letter but live in Russia and are thus at risk of repression by the Kremlin should remember the brave seven who went into Red Square to protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, Skobov, himself a former Soviet political prisoner, says. Those seven knew what risks they faced; but they took them anyway for a larger goal.


  1. “If the Free World watches without acting while Ukraine bleeds, “this will mark the moral and political collapse of the Western community and the affirmation of Putin’s ‘new world order.’”

    Chilling but true.

  2. This man sadly, appears to have it exactly right.
    Ukraine can’t win without an increase in military assistance. To the tune of 100%.

    • He’s more artful with his words but this is what I’ve been trying to say as a point of view. We have to win because we have no choice. We have to knock out Putin’s army AND turn him into a pariah and do it so thoroughly that it sinks his regime so there won’t be another. We haven’t seen the horror yet I’m afraid and the west is in reaction mode as usual.
      Not since Hitler did we use the bomb shelters and now the new Hitler has arrived and over HALF of the Ukrainian population is hiding in shelters.

      • For what it’s worth, here is the view of the band Deep Purple, who have a big Russian and Ukrainian following:

        Ian Gillan on Russia’s war against Ukraine:

        “If speaking out means we shall never see our Russian friends again, then that is a big sacrifice, but nothing compared with never again seeing our Ukrainian friends who are being killed to satisfy the psychopathic ambitions of the Russian leader. I would like to see Russians on the streets in their millions, to show their disgust at the Ukrainian invasion, and I’d like to dream that very quickly, Russia can find some modern leadership that will bring them back into the world as friends. We have so much in common.”

        I think Ian is right. Millions of Russians need to be on the streets; like now.
        Clapton cancelled his tour too. I don’t think any performing artists with any integrity will go any more.
        ALL Russian assets in London, Miami, NYC etc must be seized and the money go straight to Ukraine.
        I weep for Ukraine’s people.
        Also think of all that beautiful fertile land : it must not be allowed come under putinazi jackboots.
        It is time for putler’s forces to be taken out by air strikes.

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