Fired at the wards and ambulances: new photos of a night attack by Russians at a cancer hospital in Nikolaev

The Russian invaders fired on the cancer hospital on the night of March 12.


The head of the regional health department Maxim Beznosenko showed the consequences of night shelling of an oncological hospital in Nikolaev.

According to Beznosenko on Facebook , windows and ambulances parked on the territory of the medical facility were damaged as a result of the invaders’ attack.

The enemy’s bullets hit directly into the wards and doctors’ offices.

The Russian invaders fired on the cancer hospital on the night of March 12. The number of victims is unknown.

On Friday evening, Nikolaev once again came under artillery fire from the Russian occupiers . The terrorists fired at the city from “Tornados” and “Grads”.

The head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim, commenting on the security situation in the city, confirmed that the Russians opened chaotic fire on the hospital, boarding school and got into the boiler room pipeline.

“They leave, they shoot and run away, they are placed in villages, they live in rural houses, which we cannot powerfully cover. There are no rules, now we are working harder with them,” Kim said.

Russian-Ukrainian war

The seventeenth day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion began. Since the beginning of hostilities, thirty-one battalion-tactical groups of the enemy, operating on the territory of Ukraine, have lost their combat capability.

As a result of the hostilities, most of the units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation that had direct fire contact with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are demoralized, the morale of the personnel continues to decline, cases of surrender by individual groups are recorded

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