The media published six demands put forward by Russia to Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 23:36, 10.03.22 UNIAN

The requirement for a second state language was added to those already familiar.

The media learned what the Kremlin requires from Ukraine / photo REUTERSThe media learned what the Kremlin requires from Ukraine / photo REUTERS

The aggressor state Russia put forward six demands to Ukraine at once to end the war.

They were published by ZN.UA , citing their own diplomatic sources. Five of them, as they want in the Kremlin, should be enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution.

What Russia requires from Ukraine (according to media reports):

(Editor’s comments in italics following each demand by the Kremlin do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of everyone at

  • Refusal to move to NATO. Neutral status of Ukraine. Russia, which attacked our country, is ready to become one of the guarantors.
    • (A guarantor like in Budapest? No thank you, besides, joining NATO is in the Constitution).
  • Russian is the second state language. Repeal of all laws restricting it.
    • (Sorry, the people already decided English will be the official second language not the language of Nazis).
  • Recognition of Crimea by Ukraine as Russian.
    • (No, sorry, the people of Crimea already decided they want to be an independent region in Ukraine).
  • Recognition by Ukraine of the independence of the “DPR” and “LPR” within the administrative boundaries of the regions (including the territories now controlled by Ukraine).
    • (Nope, sorry, those regions are Ukrainian and so are the people by their choice).
  • “Denazification”. Prohibition of the activities of ultra-nationalist, Nazi and neo-Nazi parties and public organizations, the abolition of existing laws on the glorification of Nazis and neo-Nazis.
    • (No need. Decommunization and Denazification laws have already been adopted, unlike in Russia where the 21st century Nazis reside).
  • “Demilitarization of Ukraine”. A complete rejection of offensive weapons, under which, if desired, any type of weapons can be brought.
    • (No, sorry, it is a human right to be able to defend yourself and we will never again be subjects to Moscow demons. Now go fuck yourself!).

Earlier Thursday, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in response to talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia plans to continue its aggression until Ukraine meets its demands, one of which is to surrender.


  1. Lavrov isn’t living in the real world again. It surely won’t be Ukraine that surrenders it will be the Nazi invaders. How clueless is Lavrov? The only hope they have at surrender is if they threaten to annihilate the world by exploding one of the nuclear power plants…….which would also finish Moskovia so there wouldn’t be anyone to surrender to.

  2. Recognition by Ukraine of the independence of the “DPR” and “LPR” within the administrative boundaries of the regions (including the territories now controlled by Ukraine).

    This is the only condition i disagree with. RuSSia should stop insisting on fantasy republics. Donbas is Ukraine and all the idiots there claiming otherwise should be wiped!

      • Well. One needs a plan. Can Ukraine defeat RuSSia and regain all occupied territories? If yes, then keep fighting. If not, and the only way out is to accept some or all of RuSSia’s demands, then so it be. My point is, if Ukraine cannot win this war, it should stop immediately. The sanctions will not bring RuSSia to its kneews in my opinion. And that UN meeting concerning bio weapons in Ukraine gives me cold showers. So, it depends on the sitiuation what to do.

        • Thanks Mike. I think what we’ve seen so far is Ukraine is not bending and will not bend to the invaders. It seems we are tired of it and we have had enough. It seems we as a nation have decided this is our stand. We did not invade but we are not going back under Moscow. Not Donbas, not Crimea, not the Tartars, nobody. Maidan changed Ukraine. Putin knows it and all he can do is bomb bomb bomb, which won’t change minds in Ukraine. We will win because we have to win.

    • I say the last two demands are the worst and should never be agreed to. The rest? Who knows?

          • The west should hire covertly three divisions of Kurds as mercs. They will relish the opportunity to take out putler’s Syrian imports as well as putinazis.

              • Bidet’s latest comment. All the same crap again :

                “Joe Biden warned that confrontation between Nato and Russia in Ukraine could provoke “World War III”, as the US President again ruled out any direct intervention by the US.

                “We will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine,” Mr Biden said in a speech at the White House, refuting increasingly desperate calls from Kyiv for Nato to intervene against the Russian invasion.

                “Direct confrontation between Nato and Russia is World War III – something we must strive to prevent,” Mr Biden added.

                However, he vowed that Russia would pay a “severe price” if it used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

                It comes as Kyiv warned that Belarus could join Russia’s invasion as early as this evening after Russian fighter jets fired at Belarus from Ukrainian air space in an apparent ‘false flag’ attack to involve Minsk in the conflict.

                • Music to the Fuhrer’s ears, no doubt. The same idiot showed Hitler his cards long before this started. Who the fuck does that?! He’s worried about WWIII but Hitler already has two nuclear power plants, what do you think he will do with them if he loses? Its best to give Ukraine the planes, stop the bombing and bring the attention to the NPP.

  3. Gentlemen there is no negotiating with a crazed bully. None. What will this scum bag want next. Fuck him

  4. None of those demands can be met. The worst one are the last two. It will be left up to the mafia state to determine who is “Nazi” and in their very twisted minds this means anyone who is democratic and who values all democratic values. The last one leaves Ukraine wide open to any further mafia aggression.
    And, the buck won’t stop there. Even if Ukraine were to cave in and accept these demands, mafia land will come back with other measures as it sees. Fit.
    In other words, mafia land’s demands are like having a slave whom you can rape and steal from any time you want. It is better to fight until the last orc has been sent to hell.

  5. The entire entire world is behind us. I’ve been really impressed by the British government support. Now I see that not only the government but the British people are supportive. Here’s a you tube link that put tears in my eyes.

    Слава Україна

  6. NATO or the US may not want to recognize it, but we are in a world war. I believe the descent people of the world aren’t going to tolerate this much longer. Or at least so I pray.

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