US Congress approves more than $13 billion in aid to Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 06:24, 10.03.22 UNIAN

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted that $13.6 billion is likely to be just “the top.”

Illustration / REUTERSIllustration / REUTERS

The US House of Representatives approved $13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine late last night.

It is reported by CNN .

The decision was made immediately, the newspaper notes. As lawmakers tried to show support for Ukraine against the backdrop of an unprovoked Russian attack.

According to Reuters , assistance to Ukraine is intended to support the Armed Forces in the fight against Russian troops and humanitarian assistance to citizens, including about 1.5 million refugees.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted that $13.6 billion is likely to be just “the top.”


  1. Great and generous contribution, thank you USA. Now please allow Ukraine to get the planes the Polish donated. Putin is already angry, now is the time to quench the beast.

    • Scholz, that dickless and ball-less sack of shit, is refusing to have those plane on kraut soil.

      • Just imagine the history written about this moment in the war. Ukrainian hospitals being blown up and Poland/Germany/USA/NATO can’t even figure out a way to get Ukraine those donated planes. Hell, RT couldn’t have written it any better.

        • Yes, nor could any world-class author think up something so ridiculous. The Keystone Kops had better strategies and cooperation.

  2. Great! And, when the US and UK will confiscate oligarch assets Ruskie government assets and had over to Ukraine, the country can be rebuilt better than before.

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