Hundreds of trucks with food, spare parts and equipment are being driven from Germany to Russia, despite sanctions – an eyewitness

And how did it work out in times of harsh sanctions?

Hundreds of trucks with food, spare parts and equipment are being driven from Germany to the Russian Federation, despite sanctions - an eyewitness / photo DIPHundreds of trucks with food, spare parts and equipment are being driven from Germany to the Russian Federation, despite sanctions – an eyewitness / photo DIP

The developed countries of the world began to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation from the very beginning of its invasion of Ukraine. For example, the UK recently introduced another package of restrictions on Russian oligarchs . However, not the most pleasant news has recently arrived. It turns out that not all sanctions are observed. The network got a video with a story from a Polish driver. He said that dozens and hundreds of trucks with products pass through the Polish-Belarusian border. Transport goes from Germany to Russia and transports a variety of products.

Here is what the man said in the video below: “Ladies and gentlemen, look. Crossing the border” Kukurika “, where there are long queues of trucks on Russian and Belarusian registrations. When asked by drivers what they are carrying, they answer:” Military secret “. And they do not answer directly. Food, medicines, equipment, spare parts… That is, goods from Europe go to our enemies, against whom the whole world is fighting. He asked: “Where was the goods loaded?” The answer was: “In Germany.”

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  1. This is unbelievable treachery. A supposedly democratic country is providing material assistance to a marauding fascist power intent on genocide.

  2. When you look at the word ‘fascist’, many governments fit that description. Including my own government America.
    To call what Germany is doing ‘treachery’ is incorrect. To call what governments to do their own citizens is treachery.

      • No I am not. I am looking at the definitions of the words themselves. It’s not wady to admit you live under a fascist regime. If you are ever going to change anything, you have to take a hard look at your own government.

        • RuSSia can end this war by ending all hostilities and dropping all territorial claims except Crimea. It is RuSSia’s brute actions that make peace impossible. Ukraine never attacked RuSSia.

          • Edward Snowden. He proved how the NSA was spying on Americans. We all know what happened to him. Julian Assange shared evidence of the Obama administration’s drone attacks on civilians knowingly foing this. We know what happened to Julian Assange. He didn’t live in America. He wasn’t on American soil when Bradly Manning gave him the footage. Recently they ran RT America out of America. It had a show for every taste. Jesse Ventura had a show, Lee Camp had a show which he wrote, and Dennis Miller had a show. Something for everyone. Rick Sanchez was the first American journalist I ever heard call our system what it is; Oligarchs. You won’t hear that on Fox News or any other American Fascist government propaganda machine network. Do you want to get into what has been done to the Native Americans. I love history and it wouldn’t take long to school you in the truth of the American Fascist System.

            • Hahahaha, so you are a fascist-loving Putin enabler and you’re defending American traitors. Funny that an anarchist thinks she can school me in history, I almost fell out of my chair. I need another beer…lolol…why don’t you leave Michigan for Canada? Why stay in a place that you hate? I wouldn’t. Meanwhile, enjoy your Mason jar collection and your failing blogs because they likely all thought you were crazy too. lololol…..

              • Dude I am not enabling any government. They are ALL corrupt and useless. If you don’t get that maybe you really do need to be schooled. Start by reading Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr. As for me hating the place I live, no I don’t. I don’t hate America. You can’t fix a problem if you refuse to admit what it is. It’s basic common sense.
                Just like understanding that only weak minded people call others names. That is the first sign of low octane thinking.

    • A sure sign that a Ruskie troll is not from the US is when it claims to be from the US.

  3. We’re talking about Germany here. Several times, the Germans were caught shipping material to Saddam Hussein for his nuke program. Siemens, a kraut company sent some large turbines to Crimea for a power plant. All Germany cares about anymore is profit.

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