Doesn’t want to go to a fantasy “LPR”: Luhansk region rallies against Russian invaders in battle

Violetta Orlova 02:56, 10.03.22 UNIAN

The Chairman of the Regional State Administration noted that the faith of the residents of the region in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is endless.

photo: Sergey Gaidaiphoto: Sergey Gaidai

Chairman of the Lugansk Regional State Administration Serhiy Gaidai said that fighting is constantly continuing in the region. 

This is stated in his Facebook post.

“The Russian invaders thought that they would take the Lugansk region in a few hours. It is a mistake to underestimate the enemy, especially when it is not cold hand soldiers who are fighting you, but the people! You are Russian terrorists – cynical killers.

Everything that the occupiers are ready to vent evil on civilians Animals kill children and adults in cold blood, they don’t care about the face they shoot at, they don’t care that Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Kremennaya, Popasnaya, Gorskoe have forgotten what peaceful sleep is, they forgot how it is to go outside and enjoy spring, and not run to the nearest shelter, not knowing whether they will come out of it alive,” writes Gaidai.

He noted that the faith of the residents of the region in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is endless.

“The situation is extremely difficult. The fighting does not end even for a minute. There are many victims. There are no communications. 27 settlements are completely de-energized, 11 partially, in total there are 115,461 consumers. There is no gas, water, heating. There is strength and faith in victory! Every day Luhansk region goes to rallies against the Russian occupation. Nobody wants to be either in the fantasized “LPR” or in Russia, under the leadership of a madman!

Recall that earlier in the Lugansk region, seven Ukrainian policemen went over to the side of the enemy.


  1. Just as I expected. There is no broad support for the occupiers, they just lie about it and can’t even have a referendum because they would lose. Most have gone but even those that stayed have been holding their noses. I hope soon they can rebuild and fly their flags of their homeland that they deserve so much.

  2. Having the Ukrainians in the Russian speaking east being so vehemently against Russian invasion is certainly a big defeat for mafia land and a great boost for morale in Ukraine as a whole.

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