Russians fire on humanitarian convoys on routes agreed upon by them – head of Donetsk OVA

Violetta Orlova 20:05, 09.03.22 UNIAN

Today, fighting has been going on and continues to go on in all directions near Mariupol, so the local authorities are looking for ways to deliver humanitarian supplies.

Pavel Kirilenko / Kirilenko /

The Russians are shelling humanitarian convoys along the routes they have agreed upon.

This was told by the chairman of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration Pavel Kirilenko.

He noted that now everyone sees the price of agreements with the Russian Federation.

In particular, Kirilenko noted that the air strike on the maternity hospital in Mariupol was carried out in silence, which the Russian side agreed upon.

He also spoke about shelling on humanitarian routes.

“We drove 40 kilometers, we stop, a battle is being fought. And, oddly enough, every time the battle takes place along the route that we coordinate with them. Today, the battles have been going on and continue to go on in all directions near Mariupol, including those agreed with the Russian Federation route,” the head of the OVA explained.

According to him, now the authorities are looking for ways to deliver humanitarian cargo to Mariupol.


    • Yes. We must not replace diplomacy with war. The safety of the ukrainian people is the highest goal. I shit at politics, i want ukrainians to be able to sleep, to breathe again. They are my people, and i will never surrender them!

      • So, what good is an agreement with a habitual liar that will laugh at your weakness for agreeing with them? It is sport for them to lie and mislead. This costs lives too. I understand we have to try but we need to be able to deliver PAIN if they lie. IMO, Moskali are like children, you make a deal with them and then tell them what will happen if they break the deal. Then you deliver.

        • Paranoid pessimism keeps fueling further escalation, we must seek a way out of this. Did not Vlad Klitschko admit his mother is ruSSian? We must be clever, not hostile. RuSSians do not support this war, therefore we must corner Putin through concessions. That will kill his justifications to continue this war.

          • The way out is for Putin to get his troops out of Ukraine. The way to speed that day is by killing as many of them as you can. You will not “corner” Putin through concessions. All concessions will get you is more demands. Concessions are simply a sign of weakness to a Nazi.

          • I can see meeting with Putler one on one but I don’t think he will do it because of his paranoia. But if he did it would be worth it to give him an update on the war he’s losing. There can be no quarter given to evil because it will return.

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