“Either they will plant or shoot”: Russian military prisoners are afraid to return home

Violetta Orlova 17:52, 09.03.22 UNIAN

The captured Russian invaders are afraid for their lives.


Today, March 9, several captured Russian invaders admitted that they were afraid to return to Russia, as a difficult fate awaits them there.

They said this at a press conference in Kiev.

Andrey Chebotarevsky of the 2nd Motor Rifle Division said they were already considered dead in Russia. The Ukrainian military gave him the opportunity to call his family, and they said that “a funeral came to him.”

He also added that if they return to the Russian Federation, they will be shot by their own people. In addition, he confirmed the information that conscripts from the Russian Federation are fighting in Ukraine.

Another serviceman, Yevgeny Smirnov, said he “was shocked when I was shown in captivity what the Russian army was doing on the territory of Ukraine. Civilians live in bunkers, the army shoots the elderly.”

At the same time, he is also afraid that upon his return to the Russian Federation he will either be imprisoned or shot. He also said that during the war in Ukraine, the Russian army lost 12,000 soldiers. 

And here is another Russian soldier, 19-year-old Aleksey Babikhin, who even said that he wants to stay in Ukraine while Vladimir Putin rules Russia.


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