40,000 foreign volunteers have already arrived in Kyiv – Dean Blundell

Ivan Boyko 01:41, 09.03.22 UNIAN

Most of those who want to volunteer to fight on the side of Ukraine are former military.

Illustrative photo / UNIANIllustrative photo / UNIAN

As of March 8, 2022, 40 thousand of the former military have already arrived in Kyiv. Of these, more than 500 Canadians were allowed to form their own unit.

This information was published by Canadian journalist Dean Blundell.

Screenshot of Dean Blundell's postScreenshot of Dean Blundell’s post

Earlier, UNIAN wrote that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the creation of a special unit – the Foreign Legion , which has already begun to carry out combat missions to counter Russian aggression.

More than 20,000 volunteers and veterans from 52 countries have volunteered to join , according to Brigadier General Kirill Budanov, commander of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the ministry that will lead the legion.


  1. 40,000 and counting! How do you like those numbers Sir Scradge? I think we’ll take back Kherson soon and the Migs will be here soon too. Meanwhile we have to get the crazy ruSSo-Muslims out of the nuclear power plant.

    • To take care of the Chechens I would warn Putin that if they blow the NPP that several nukes will land on Chechnya and Moscow.

  2. That’s already twice the number from only a few days ago. This force is growing faster than I’ve predicted. Great!

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