“Wagnerites” are already dying on the territory of Ukraine – intelligence

Violetta Orlova 20:13, 08.03.22 UNIAN

This, in particular, is evidenced by the tokens of the destroyed invaders, some of which were made for use during the hostilities in Syria.


The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports on the elimination of some of the “Wagnerites” involved by Russia in the attack on Ukraine.

This is stated in a message on the GUR MOU Facebook page .

“Wagnerites” are already dying on the territory of Ukraine. Replenishing the reserves of the occupying troops, Russia attracts mercenaries from private military companies to the fighting. In particular, it is known that the mercenaries of PMC “Liga” (PMC “Wagner”) are already taking part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine as part of the aggressor’s army. This, in particular, is evidenced by the tokens of the destroyed invaders,” the note says.

It is noted that some of them were made for use during the fighting in Syria and contain inscriptions in Arabic, English and French. As well as Syrian phone numbers.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reminded that PMC “Wagner” is a Russian military structure, which is equipped with mercenaries. “She took part in hostilities in a number of conflicts, in particular in the Donbass – on the side of Russia, in Syria – on the side of Putin’s ally dictator Assad, in Sudan,” the intelligence service noted.

It is noted that an independent mission under the auspices of the UN Council found that the actions of PMC “Wagner” qualify as war crimes or crimes against humanity. The European Union has put into effect personal sanctions against members and leaders of PMC Wagner.


    • There are around 20,000 foreign volunteers in Ukraine, or are on their way. Furthermore, today I heard that around 183,000 Ukrainians are coming back to help fight. In addition, Scradge, I can imagine that the US and UK have special ops teams in the country and who knows what else.

    • We are, bro. The international defense group is over 20,000. Israel, for one group, is sending 200 retired special forces. As far as I know, none of them are being paid, so perhaps they’re not specifically mercs.

      • They are nature’s finest : volunteers.
        There is a global network of fixers who can put mercs on the ground; for a price. This can be done covertly by wealthy countries with some integrity but aren’t yet ready to comment their own.

    • Mercs are a bad idea. They do not fall under the protection of the Geneva Conventions and so do not have POW status if captured and subject to summary execution of captured. OTOH, if the Foreign Legion is part of the Military of Ukraine, which is the reason for the contract, the GC does apply to those people.

      • WTF? I did not question the fact that RuSSia invaded Ukraine, but their chances to win. Thanks for everybody’s confidence in me, really! Have i spent eight years long defending the nation, suffering from Suzanna’s death and Focusser’s destiny to deserve such bull?!

        • I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve felt you waiver lately and even blaming Ukraine for Putin’s invasion. No worries, war makes everyone on edge for sure. I’ve taken some shots too for seeming to encourage the fight but I wholeheartedly believe in intimidation of the enemy. He should know what’s coming before he decides to come. Now, other websites and commenters are also calling it the Ukrainian meat grinder.

          • Well, i’m not a bot, but a real human being. And yes i was in support of surrendering the Crimea for peace eight years long. If my goal would have been to be liked by everybody i would never have joined. Freedom of speech was my fight from the very beginning. I wanted to be different. As a Trump supporter you should understand more than anybody. The day my free expression ends is the day i die.

            • It is your right to project your opinion, and we appreciate everyone’s point of view, unless it’s from a troll.

            • Absolutely. I don’t think anyone tread on your freedom here did they? I occasionally found some of my posts hung up in spam but most in the spam folder were spam and primarily viagra in spanish, lol.
              I know people feel differently about Crimea I just don’t believe in rewarding fascism because it will return if it is rewarded.

              • My opinion a few years back was not ‘rewarding fascism’, but giving him his Crimea (a buffer between us and Muscovy) and declaring Nato membership shortly after. It’s too late now (i hope not). I always planned in favor of Ukraine, never against. I have a proper military education, including military and political strategy. Anyway, we will see what will happen now. Ukraine and Bulgaria are deeply inside my heart and i will do everything i can to defend both.

  1. That is very good news. But, maybe they can learn and thing or two from UKRAINIANS.

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