“The tank was chasing us. I don’t want to be meat”: the invaders complained about the war in Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 18:52, 08.03.22 UNIAN

By phone, they shared their impressions of the war in Ukraine.

The conversation of the invaders was intercepted / photo by the press service of the Armed Forces of UkraineThe conversation of the invaders was intercepted / photo by the press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian special services intercepted another conversation of the Russian invaders, the recording of which was published by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

Thus, the occupiers shared their impressions of the war in Ukraine over the phone. One of them told how a Ukrainian tank was chasing them.

“We were ambushed by the Azov battalion. There they fired at us from everything possible – tanks, artillery and even shrapnel. My mines lay 10 meters away. I don’t know how they didn’t hurt us. Then they dragged us through the fields, the tank was chasing us. Out of 150 people, only 50 left,” the occupant said.

Another Russian soldier said that 80 percent of his battalion had decided to retire. Yes, and he wants to retire from the army.

“I’m also retiring. I don’t want to be meat,” he said.


  1. Go home. You aren’t wanted in Ukraine. Putin doesn’t really want you in the Army as he expects you to give your life for illegalities.

  2. Fifty out of a hundred fifty … that’s good. Maybe we can make it 10 out of 150.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of these “soldiers” were selected for this war, because of hints they disagreed politically, with putin, or maybe because they were prisoners who had harsh sentences to face.

    In either case, putin gets to dispose of “undesirables.” Unfortunately for him, and very fortunate for Ukraine, this means these “soldiers” also had very poor training. If any training at all. Couple that with comparatively poorly performing equipment, and they are meat thrown into the grinder, no matter what they do. Their only option to survive, is surrender

    • We saw a similar situation in 2014 when Putin originally sent provocateurs into the Donbas to protest Maidan 2 months after Maidan was finished. It was told then that Putin emptied the jails if they went to Ukraine. They were also told they could steal what ever they want and bring it back to the Russia. Just like he is doing this time. We started calling them, toilet thieves :))

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