The US Congress is preparing legislation to ban the import of Russian oil

Violetta Orlova 05:29, 07.03.22 UNIAN

It is also expected to take the first steps to close Russia’s access to the WTO.

REUTERS illustrationREUTERS illustration

Speaker of the US House of Representatives (lower house of Congress) Nancy Pelosi said she was exploring legislative options for isolating Russia, including a ban on Russian oil.

It is reported by The Hill .

“Our law will ban Russian oil and energy imports to the United States, annul normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus, and take the first step to deny Russia access to the World Trade Organization,” Pelosi said in a letter to her colleagues.

“We will also authorize the executive branch of power to increase tariffs on Russian imports,” she stressed.

Pelosi noted that the administration of President Joe Biden has asked for $10 billion in humanitarian, military and economic support for Ukraine. She added that “Congress intends to approve this emergency funding this week as part of comprehensive government funding legislation.”


  1. Biden should never have destroyed our oil and gas drilling capabilities! This measure of banning mafia oil would not have to be debated.

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