Russian army ordered to shoot at civilians in Ukraine – occupier

On the first day of the shelling of Kharkov, the invaders fired on civilians who wanted to leave the city.


The Security Service of Ukraine published a video in which the Russian occupier told how their political officer gave permission to shell civilians in our country.

In addition, this occupier is currently wounded, and his colleagues shot him. According to him, even on the first day of shelling in Kharkov, Russian soldiers were ordered to shoot Ukrainian civilians who tried to leave the city. 

When the Ukrainian security forces arrived at the scene, a fight broke out between them, as a result of which a woman was wounded.

The occupier added that two Russians tried to help her, but then their colleagues opened fire on them. The invaders shot both the woman and the Russian officer. And his colleagues were wounded in the legs. The daughter of a murdered Ukrainian woman helped him escape.

“Now he is an important witness to the atrocities of the invaders, documented by the SBU investigators and brought to court! Retribution for the war in Ukraine is inevitable! And our victory is just as inevitable! Glory to Ukraine,” the SBU said in a statement.

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