Russia recruits Syrians for war in Ukraine – WSJ

Violetta Orlova 03:41, 07.03.22 UNIAN

The invaders offered volunteers from Syria from 200 to 300 dollars.


Russia is recruiting Syrians for the war in Ukraine, who are able to conduct military operations in the urban environment of the city.

The Wall Street Journal writes about this , citing four American officials. It is not known exactly how many Syrian mercenaries were recruited, but, as the publication clarifies, some of them are already in Russia and are preparing to enter the conflict.

According to a publication based in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, Russia was offering volunteers from the country between $200 and $300 to go to Ukraine. Syrian fighters have spent almost a decade fighting in urban areas, while Russian forces, mostly conscripted, lack that skill set, said WSJ expert Jennifer Cafarella, a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington.

According to Andrei Zagorodnyuk, chairman of the board of the Center for Defense Strategies, in less than 11 days of resistance, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to neutralize up to 46,000 Russian invaders . We are talking about the dead, wounded and captured.


  1. Putin wanted WWIII and he is bound to get it. First it was Ukraine v Russia, but since Putin is getting slapped around he had to ask Chechnya, Belarus and now Syria. How many nations does Ukraine need to sack before the bureaucrats give in to what their citizens want and start helping Ukraine? They are afraid of WWIII but also blind to see it is already here.

  2. Wow. $200 or $300 dollars. If that’s enough for them to risk their lives, then russia fucked up Syria more than I’d expected.

    At the steel foundry, I get around $1,400 USD in two weeks, that’s BEFORE overtime!

    • According to Google the average wage in Syria is $250/month. So you can drive a taxi or drive a Russian tank surrounded by Javelins.
      Ummm, I’ll take the taxi…

  3. I see this as a positive signal because it reeks of desperation. He will have to go to Germany to find those idiots to fight for him because most military-aged Syrians are there. But, they get more than that from the German government for doing NOTHING.
    Mafia land = idiot land.

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