NATO explained the refusal to close the sky over Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 04:03, 07.03.22 UNIAN

NATO fears for the lives of its own population.

NATO refuses to close the sky over Ukraine / photo REUTERSNATO refuses to close the sky over Ukraine / photo REUTERS

NATO will not close the airspace over Ukraine because it is responsible for the lives of Europeans.

This was stated by German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock on the air of the German TV channel ARD.

According to her, the closure will mean entering into a military conflict with Russia, which will endanger the lives of millions of Europeans.

“That would mean that NATO planes would fire on Russian planes, that would mean NATO’s direct involvement in the conflict… We have a responsibility to protect our own population,” she said.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky held an online meeting with 200 US congressmen, asking them to help introduce a “no-fly zone” in the skies over Ukraine.


  1. “NATO will not close the airspace over Ukraine because it is responsible for the lives of Europeans.”

    Apparently Ms. Berbock doesn’t think Ukrainians are Europeans. She must be using old Soviet maps too.

    “We have a responsibility to protect our own population”

    Apparently Ms. Berbock also speaks for NATO. Interesting. No wonder NATO has been found weak in this worldwide crisis. As long as Ukraine keeps protecting Germans there is no need to risk German lives….yet. I would bet the German people feel differently. American support for a no fly zone is over 70% and that will likely increase.

      • Originally I advocated for a no-fly zone, then I worried Putin would use that as an excuse to change the narrative of the war. Now I see two missions, one to defeat Putin and the other to defeat his army.
        I think we have to destroy his army first, with a no-fly zone, and let the markets and sanctions take out Putin. What do you think?

  2. If NATO were to announce the reason for not interfering are their soiled panties, it would be telling the truth. Everything else is the typical garbage they’ve had in their drawers for years.
    Let’s face it, putler’s threats are working. The fact alone that we’re talking about UKRAINIAN airspace is evidence that this organization is allowing itself to be cowed into cowardice. Putler’s bark is louder than his bite. Evidently, they haven’t learned that yet. Looking at Ukraine’s valiant fight should have opened their eyes.

    • NATO, the UN and the US are leading from behind. I fear we will have to endure the self-congratulations from them after Ukraine wins this war. Not really wins, nobody wins, but gets the filth off their land and forces Putin to surrender himself, Sevastopol and Kaliningrad.

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