Zelensky: Every meter of land won is step towards victory


Every meter of our Ukrainian land, won by protest and humiliation of the Russian military, is a step towards victory for all of Ukraine.


“Every meter of our Ukrainian land won by protest and humiliation of the invaders is a step forward, a step towards victory for our entire state. This is a chance to live. Ukrainians! In all our cities where the enemy entered. Feel it. Go on the offensive!” Zelensky said in his video address.


He called on Ukrainians to go outside and fight every time when there is an opportunity as people do this in Kherson, Berdyansk, Melitopol, and Konotop. “You need to go out and drive this evil out of our cities. To prevent the creation of new ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ where normal life is simply impossible. Only slavery. Only on the knees,” the Head of State said.


President stressed that the Ukrainian people are now at the height of their spirit, at the maximum of possibilities: every soldier on the lines of defense, every doctor who saves lives, every firefighter who extinguishes fire, every entrepreneur who continues to work.


“Dozens and dozens of other professions. Millions of people, which became one whole. Superpower of the spirit. Programmers who joined the information troops. Everyone who joined the territorial defense. Teachers and educators who do not leave children. Police officers. Civil servants. We all withstood the blow together. We will all rebuild our state together,” he said.


Zelensky noted that this confidence is given by our reality, which is fueled by the energy of our people, our resistance, and protest.


“Kherson. Melitopol. Berdyansk. Konotop. The reality of all cities and towns, rural communities that expel the invaders everyday. By their determination. By their unity. Freedom Square in Kherson is the whole of Ukraine. The streets of Konotop, where locals are shouting at the invaders, are Ukraine. Ukraine, which we know, love, protect and will not give up to any enemy,” he added.


According to the President, it is a special heroism to protest when your city is occupied, though even temporarily.


“When you don’t have a weapon and in response you receive gunshots. And you don’t run. When you don’t have armor and an armored personnel carrier is coming at you. And you do not move aside. That is why the occupation is temporary! It is artificial. Our people, our Ukrainians do not retreat. Do not give up. Do not stop the resistance. They shout to the occupiers – go home. Like a Russian ship! They drive them away from our territory. They block the roads for them,” Zelensky said.


On February 24, Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and launched a large-scale invasion. Russian troops are shelling and destroying infrastructure, conducting massive shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities and towns using artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and ballistic missiles. Martial law was imposed in the country and general mobilization was announced. Ukraine filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague.


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