Zelensky call on Donbas to fight for freedom together with whole of Ukraine


Speaking Russian, President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the residents of Donbas to fight for freedom together with the whole of Ukraine.


“Donbas, today is the time! We appeal to all people in the temporarily occupied territory… Fight for your rights! For your freedom. For Ukraine. Together with Kherson. Together with Berdyansk. Together with Kyiv and all other Ukrainian cities that value life and are not afraid of anything,” Zelensky said in his video address.


He added that many of Donbas residents believed that Ukraine allegedly hated them and would allegedly attack and destroy them.


“Liars on Russian TV talk about it every day. Liars. It’s their job to lie to you every day. But this should not be your destiny,” the President added.


Zelensky called on Donbas residents to compare Donetsk after 8 years of war and Kharkiv after 8 days of war: “You were told that we are destroying cities. Look at Kharkiv. At Chernihiv. At 500 kg bombs that were dropped on the houses of Ukrainians. They were killing us. They were killing children. Look at Borodyanka. Look at the destroyed schools. At the blown up kindergartens. At the damaged Kharkiv Assumption Cathedral. Look what Russia has done. It did it right in front of your eyes. Protect yourself! Otherwise, it will take your life, too. Your houses.”


Ukraine does not shoot its people and does not blow up residential buildings, the President added.


“Everyone in Donbas has always been and will be our people. Our citizens,” Zelensky stressed.


On February 24, Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and launched a large-scale invasion. Russian troops are shelling and destroying infrastructure, conducting massive shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities and towns using artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and ballistic missiles. Martial law was imposed in the country and general mobilization was announced. Ukraine filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague.


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  1. Putin will lose everything, except for Crimea (if he’s lucky). People have the fuck enough of a foreign power trying to force its will on my people. This adventure is a painful experience for the idiots who believe they can dominate the ukrainian people. But we will give them hell!

    • I doubt he will be able to hold Crimea. I’d give the Russians a chance to get everyone out of Crimea, then go in and liberate the place.

  2. Over at The Gateway Pundit I git a response to one of my posts:

    “Rebuilt their military or do you mean signed on Azov battalion?

    40% of Ukraine is under Russian control and 75% of Ukraine’s military has been destroyed.

    Zelenski has fled to the American Embassy in Poland.”

    I bet Zelensky would be surprised to know where he is. 🙂

  3. Yes! THAT, is a good way to call on them, to remember the connections, the culture they have as fellow Ukrainians, and to look at the treatment they’d received from putin as “russians.” Has the self-proclaimed tsar been good to them?

    Or has he been setting his “peacekeepers” against the opposition with an iron fist?

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