Yulia Tymoshenko urges to close sky over Ukraine


Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of the All-Ukrainian Union Batkivschyna, called on the international community to close the sky over Ukraine.


“Close the skies over Ukraine! Our children repeat today like a prayer when rockets and bombs fired from the Kremlin fly at them. They want to live, not die. Close the skies over Ukraine! Ukrainians are pleading along with millions of people around the world. Because that attacks on our nuclear power plants pose a nuclear threat to all of Europe,” Tymoshenko said in a video message posted on Facebook.


According to her, a direct attack by the Russian army on Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, tank strikes on nuclear reactors – “this is the eve of the Doomsday, all borders have been crossed, all bridges have been destroyed.”


The politician noted that Ukraine is currently fighting for the values of all mankind and it vitally needs protection and assistance.


“There is a very imaginary boundary in the refusal to close the sky over Ukraine, separating concern for the world from weakness. We must live with honor, because today those who decide to close the sky over Ukraine are scared, but tomorrow it may simply not be,” Tymoshenko summed up.


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