Ukrainian forces take control of Enerhodar


The Russian troops withdrew from Enerhodar as the Ukrainian defenders took control of the city.


The Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration announced this on its website, Ukrinform reports.


“The Russian troops have left the city. The control over all government bodies has been regained. The head of the local government stays here,” the report says.


As Ukrinform reported, Enerhodar has been left without heating and hot water supply as the main heating pipeline was damaged as a result of fighting. Repair works are underway


Overnight into March 4, a fire broke out at Zaporizhzhia NPP after it was shelled by Russia’s heavy weapons. There was a hit on the first power unit.


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  1. It is already marvelous that Ukraine is losing ground so slowly, but to gain ground is amazing! This is not the first time that this happened, and so it does not bode well for mafia land.

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