Two seriously wounded children died in Bucha, who were not allowed to be taken out by the occupiers

The chief doctor of “Okhmatdet” spoke about another military crime of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine News / Facebook photo Andrey LevkovskyUkraine News / Facebook photo Andrey Levkovsky

The Russian military did not allow the delivery of seriously wounded children from Bucha to the Okhmatdet clinic. Two babies died.

This was told by the chief doctor of the hospital Vladimir Zhovnir.

On the night of March 5, three children with gunshot wounds from Bucha were supposed to be delivered to Okhmatdet. However, due to the ongoing shelling of the Russian occupiers, the ambulance could not pick up the patients. 

Two children have already died, another is waiting in the hospital.

Okhmatdet continues to work and provide assistance to injured children and adults, Zhovnir says. On March 5, 185 minor patients are in the clinic. 

“Doctors don’t leave anywhere. We are ready to provide urgent treatment to both children and adults. We have been evacuating some cancer patients to Western Ukraine and neighboring European countries for several days. These children cannot continue treatment in bomb shelters, so they are evacuated from Kyiv,” he wrote. head physician

Earlier, UNIAN reported that a rocket was shot down over the Okhmatdet hospital on March 5. None of the patients were hurt, but the building’s door and windows were shattered.

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  1. Babys with gunwounds from Russian soldiers, not allowed to go the hospital by the Russians.

    Russia has passed Hitler Germany ………………………………………………………………….

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