Planes of the airlines of the terrorist country are arrested at foreign airports around the world

The European Union closed the sky for all Russian air carriers in connection with the aggression against Ukraine, so the leading airlines of the occupiers stop flights not only to European airports, but also to the world.

Today, March 5, S7 Airlines announced the suspension of all international flights.

Interestingly, European lessors demanded that the Russians return the planes, but were refused, so the aircraft of the aggressor country’s airlines began to be arrested at foreign airports.

So, on February 27, one of Aeroflot’s aircraft, a Boeing 777 flying from Moscow to New York, was forced to turn around over the Atlantic due to Canada closing its airspace to the Russians, and the next day the first Russian aircraft was arrested.

On February 28, a Pobeda airline plane was arrested from Istanbul, and yesterday, March 4, a Ural Airlines plane was confiscated in Dubai.

The decision of the Russians not to give the planes to lessors will not lead to anything good, now the fleet of the aggressor country consists of only 10 percent of Russian-made aircraft, the remaining 90 are Boeings and Airbuses, which in a month will require spare parts and maintenance by foreign specialists .



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