More than 70% of Americans polled support closing skies over Ukraine – Reuters

Violetta Orlova 07:57, 05.03.22 UNIAN

81% of Americans believe that Washington should impose additional sanctions against the Russian Federation.


More than 70% of Americans, including Republicans and Democrats, supported stopping purchases of Russian oil and gas, and also believe that the US and NATO should close the sky over Ukraine to protect the state from Russian airstrikes.

This is stated in a Reuters poll .

The agency draws attention to the fact that the indignation of the citizens of the United States about the aggressive actions of the Russians against Ukrainians is only growing. This is forcing US President Joe Biden to take tougher steps against Moscow.

74% of respondents supported the introduction of a flight ban over Ukraine. 80% were in favor of stopping the supply of Russian fuel.

Moreover, 81% of Americans believe that Washington should impose additional sanctions against Russia, compared with the previous poll at the beginning of the week, in which support for such a move was 77%.

About 77% of respondents said that the United States should seize the assets of Russian oligarchs close to Putin.

62% agreed to pay more for oil and gas just to protect another democratic country.

The majority of Americans – 72% – supported the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

About 74% of US citizens said that their state should accept Ukrainian refugees, which surprised the experts.

Biden’s current decisions are approved by 45% of respondents, compared with 34% in the previous poll.

The survey was conducted in English throughout the United States with the participation of 831 people. The error is 4%.


  1. Biden should take a close look at these polls and take action accordingly. His popularity is very low already, and not doing so will certainly not help!

  2. Wow. I’m really impressed and surprised. Only a few weeks ago American didn’t even know where Ukraine was. It’s gratifying to know that Americans see the issues but have a heart.

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