Captured Russian servicemen: Russians, do everything possible to stop this war


Captured Russian servicemen appealed to their fellow citizens to do everything possible to end the war in Ukraine.


“Russians, do everything possible to stop this war. Neither Ukraine nor Russia needs this war. Only Putin needs this war,” Andrey Chuvatarevsky, a captive soldier who served on a contract basis in Moscow region, said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Saturday.


He also called on fellow citizens to go to rallies and block federal roads to prevent the passage of Russian equipment. “Try to inform the president, drive the military away from the equipment so that they don’t drive and bomb the civilian population. If you take to the streets, the president will decide to withdraw the troops. Then there will be no war,” he said.


When asked by the agency whether he understands the motives of the Russian leadership to invade Ukraine, Chuvatarevsky answered in the negative.


“I do not know for what purposes. Most likely, he just needs territories and lands. We do not need this,” he said, stressing that no one wants to fight in the Russian army.


“No one wants to fight in the army. There was no desire to go even to exercises far from civilization… We feel hatred for the leadership that sent us here. We understand that we were thrown here, like kittens, for the benefit of the government,” the detainee said.


He also appealed to the foreign journalists present in the hall to disseminate this information so that the presidents of their countries would influence Putin to end the war. “We hope so very much,” Chuvatarevsky said.


According to another captive soldier, Mikhail Kulikov, Russian citizens need to make every effort to ensure that Russian and Ukrainian children are handed over to suffer in Ukraine.


“People of Russia, stand up. Your children are here. Children of the Ukrainian people are also suffering here. There is no need to be afraid of anyone. The Ukrainian people are not afraid of anyone. They will stand up for their land to the last. I also have two small children at home, to whom I do not know if I will get. Parents, block the roads, do not let your children go, do everything to make the Russian troops turn back,” Kulikov said.


In turn, the captured Dmitry Gagarin told his relatives and friends in Russia not to listen to Russian propaganda.


“I would like all the people of Russia to hear that here in Ukraine everything is not like they say on Russian television. There are no Bandera, there are no Nazis. Here are ordinary peaceful people who have now rallied against one person – Putin. who wanted to be a conqueror. I would like it all to end as soon as possible. Everything here is not the way our media shows and people are zombified,” he said.


“People, turn off the TVs, do not listen to Putin, dissuade relatives and friends from coming here. The only criminals here are those who came from Russia and, as Putin says, ‘protect’ Ukrainians. I want our relatives to rise up and explain the situation to other people in Russia. The civilian population, children and veterans, who, together with Russia, conquered all these lands from fascist Germany, are dying here,” Gagarin said.


The press conference was attended by ten servicemen who voluntarily surrendered. Each of them noted the good treatment and the opportunity to contact their relatives.


Some of the speakers said that they categorically did not want to return to Russia and now they fear for their families.


According to them, military personnel up to the sergeant level were only notified about being sent to military exercises.


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  1. Give all ruSSians who refuse to fight us ukrainian citizenship, protect them. All ruSSian kids who refuse to kill ukrainians should be safe from Putin.

  2. “Russians, do everything possible to stop this war. Neither Ukraine nor Russia needs this war. Only Putin needs this war,”

    Sure. The newest polls in mafia land says that 71% of Ruskies agree to this war. Fuck them!

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