Shot in the leg: Russia itself blocks the main Internet resources

On the evening of March 4, Roskomnadzor blocked Russian access to Facebook and Twitter.

This was proudly reported by officials of the department.

Also, judging by the traffic data, Youtube was blocked.

Note that all blocking of one service will definitely pull others that are on the same servers. So, together with Facebook, the Russians can say goodbye to Instagram and the WhatsApp messenger, Oculus VR glasses will work.

And if they really block YouTube, then the work of all Google services is in question.

In addition, the hotel booking service has stopped working in the Russian Federation.

Note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. In recent days, the aggressor country, voluntarily or under the influence of sanctions, has lost access to a huge number of Internet resources.

Microsoft refused to sell its software and closes the work of all services in the Russian Federation.

Russian gamers have lost the opportunity to buy games in Sony, Nintendo and Steam stores. The music service Spotify stopped working, the streaming service Netflix does not accept payments from Russian cards.

The situation is no better for Russian Internet companies. The Yandex search engine and the largest online store OZON announced the possibility of an imminent default under the pressure of sanctions.



  1. All this will surely save Ukraine. Is the West aware of ruSSian mentality at all, or are they just a bunch of lunatic amateurs?

  2. Hardly internet and long lines for money and food. Mafia land has been thrown back into the Soviet Union.

  3. BTW, fuck crazy Nancy Pelosi! She belongs in a mental institution! Her smile in the Congress while ukrainian kids were bombed was disgusting!

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