‘If the reactors explode this will be the end of Europe’ – Zelensky


“Europe has to wake up now. Europe’s largest nuclear plant is on fire. At this very moment, Russian tanks are shooting at nuclear reactor blocks.”

“These are tanks equipped with the thermal vision devices so they know where they are shooting. They were prepared for this.”

“I’m appealing to all Ukrainians, to all Europeans, to all the people who know the word ‘Chernobyl’, to those who know how much misery and victims the nuclear power plant explosion brought.”

“It was a global disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people were dealing with the consequences. Dozens of thousands of people were evacuated.”

“Russia wants to repeat it and it’s already repeating it. But it is six times bigger now.”

“We are warning everybody. Not a single state apart from Russia has ever shelled nuclear reactors. It is for the first time in our history, in the history of humankind that the terrorist state turned to nuclear terrorism.”

“The Russian propaganda was threatening everybody. We remember to cover the earth with nuclear ashes.”

“Now, it is not just a threat. It is our reality. We don’t know when the fire on the nuclear power plant will be extinguished. We don’t know whether an explosion will happen or not. God forbid that it should. Our men were always keeping the nuclear power plant safe.”

“So there were no provocations. Nobody could just go and take over the nuclear power plant, plant explosives there, and then blackmail the entire world with nuclear disaster.”

“The Russian military has to be stopped. Call on your politicians immediately. If the reactors explode, this will be the end of everybody. The end of Europe.”


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  1. In my opinion, Russian forces attacking a nuke reactor station is reason enough for the west to get involved in Ukraine.

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