Facebook officially blocked in Russia

According to the head of the Mintsifra, the iron dome covers.

REUTERS illustrationREUTERS illustration

In Russia, they decided to officially block the social network Facebook .

This was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov in the Telegram channel .

“The Russian Federation decided to block Facebook. The iron dome covers it,” the minister said.

Earlier it was reported that  a number of websites and information resources were blocked in Russia.

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  1. All Russians never gave a damn about Ukraine ever!!! Holodomor, Stalin sending Ukrainians to Siberia, taking the top soil of Ukraine, etc. they only give a damn when their own asses are I. Trouble. Fuck them all

    • Talking to a siberian woamn yesterday, she is against the war but (this bit really pissed me off) she does not care about dead Ukrainians because they have been killing each other for 8 years. I asked her if she had heard of Igor girkin but she refused to look, she was not going to watch propagand. FFS

    • All Ukraine had to do is surrender Crimea. They did not. Instead they kept provoking the mentally unstable dwarf in the Kremlin, without any western military protection. Insane, to say the least.

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