Bloody crimes of “ordinary Russians” in Ukraine

06:14, 03/04/2022 – UNIAN

Russians destroy Ukrainian cities, killing their inhabitants / photo of the State Emergency Service
Russians destroy Ukrainian cities, killing their inhabitants / photo of the State Emergency Service

No matter how much the Kremlin announces a “special operation” in Ukraine and exclusively “pinpoint strikes” on the military infrastructure, in fact the whole world sees how the crazy ruler of the Russian Federation and the criminal gang of his hangers-on unleashed a bloody war in the center of Europe. And “ordinary Russians” who carry out criminal orders systematically destroy peaceful Ukrainian cities.

On the first day of spring, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, once again told the Russians the tale that the Russian army continues a “special operation” in Ukraine (although most of those who surrendered to the Ukrainians cry that they were “at the exercises”, and how found themselves in a foreign country – neither in a dream nor in spirit), and the actions of these modern fascists “are not aimed at the occupation of Ukraine.” Moreover, these “peace-loving people” in tanks and armored personnel carriers, fighter jets and warships do not in the least harm civilians, since they destroy only military infrastructure facilities. 

In fact, this is a blatant lie. And there are many examples of this. 

Fight against residential, church and dead quarters of Babi Yar

If war criminals live to see trial, they will have to explain, for example, what kind of “military infrastructure” they destroyed in Kyiv by firing missiles at a television tower. As a result of the shelling, five people were killed – ordinary passers-by, civilians. And the cynicism of the Russian “liberators” of Ukraine from “Nazism” that exists only in their heads is that rockets hit Babi Yar, the world-famous monument to the victims of Nazism. 

Chief Rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine Yaakov Dov Bleich has already addressed the world Jewish community: “Hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom were Jews, were killed in Babi Yar in 1941. After the war, the memory of the victims of Babi Yar was destroyed by the Soviet authorities… once”.

What’s more, Russian missiles destroyed part of the old military cemetery where the participants in the defense of Kyiv since the First World War rested, including 100 heroes of the Soviet Union, who – to the public – are so honored in Russia.  

The Russian invaders will have to explain what exactly they “protected” in Ukraine by destroying the ancient city of Chernigov – destroying architectural monuments and world-class Orthodox churches by bombing. Not to mention the fact that residential areas were targeted with large-caliber missiles. 

“There is not a single military facility here! Only hospitals, several schools and kindergartens, dozens of high-rise buildings are nearby,” the residents of the city are outraged. 

The new object of attack is the Kyiv TV tower and the nearby Babi Yar / "Suspilne"The new object of attack is the Kyiv TV tower and the nearby Babi Yar / “Suspilne”

“Chernigov suffered similar destruction during the Nazi bombardment in August 1941,” Vladislav Atroshenko, mayor of the city, noted. “Now the Russian army is committing similar crimes against humanity.” 

Residents of sleeping areas of decades of Russian-speaking Kharkiv can tell in detail what “pinpoint strikes on military infrastructure” look like. Ballistic missiles, MLRS “Smerch”, high-explosive bombs, bombardment of residential areas and the central square… What kind of “military infrastructure” of the “Ukrainian Nazis” were the Russians trying to destroy? 

“A Russian plane flies over Kharkov and launches rockets into residential buildings! Today there are more victims than there have been in the last 100 years! Even the Germans in 1942, when they occupied Kharkov, did not bring such destruction to the city as Russia did in one day!” , – Vladislav Fedorov, a resident of the city, wrote on his page in one of the social networks. 

As a result of rocket strikes, high-rise buildings, schools, and kindergartens were destroyed. Dozens of Kharkovites died, including children. Most of the townspeople are forced to literally live in basements. 

“The eighth day of the war. My city stands like the Brest Fortress and will stand like Stalingrad. I hope the “liberators” from the Russian Federation and Belarus remember these cities? They destroy my city, kill civilians, destroy residential areas … The entire historical center is destroyed. Buildings , which are 200-300 years old, which were not touched by the fascists during the Second World War…”, laments the well-known Kharkov businessman and philanthropist Yuriy Sapronov, but adds: “We will stand, Kharkiv residents!”.

Of course, you can deny everything and repeat after the Russian propagandists that, they say, it is just “Ukrainian nationalists” who are shelling Ukrainian cities. But dozens of missiles and hundreds of their remains are evidence to the contrary – made in Russia. 

“Released” before the humanitarian catastrophe

It can be assumed that it is easy for Russian pilots and gunners to kill Ukrainians: point missiles at the coordinates, shoot, and you live on. But the blood of civilians in Ukrainian cities who did not call themselves “liberated” is equally in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin and in the hands of the executors of his imperial whims. 

At their Nuremberg, the Russians will not be able to appeal to the humanism of the judges either. After all, they themselves were not humane when they shot an ambulance near Kherson, or mined a residential private sector of the regional center. They were not humane when they shelled a kindergarten in Akhtyrka in the Sumy region and an orphanage in Vorzel near Kiev, they shot civilians who tried to escape from the combat zone …

Sooner or later, Russia is waiting for its "Nuremberg" / photo by Anton Gerashchenko, TelegramSooner or later, Russia is waiting for its “Nuremberg” / photo by Anton Gerashchenko, Telegram

“Everyone who commits the gravest crimes against civilians will not escape responsibility. Prosecutors and law enforcement agencies continue to record and investigate war crimes committed by the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” said Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova.

The other day, a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, General Igor Konashenkov, said that “Russia did not start hostilities, Russia is completing them … It was necessary to put an end to the endless threats from the Kiev regime against Russia, and Russia will do it.” It is a pity that at the same time he did not tell what exactly Mariupol or Kherson threatened Russia (except for the pathological desire of the rashists to break through the corridor from the Crimea to the “L / DPR” rocket attacks on these cities and attempts to capture them are not explained by anything), the resort Vorzel near Kiev or quiet suburbs of the capital Bucha and Irpin. 

Sooner or later, the Russians will also have to answer for the humanitarian catastrophe in the ruined Volnovakha, from where they do not allow people to be taken to safety. Instead of giving a “green corridor”, they, in order to please the Russian TV picture, are planning their own “corridor” – to the territory of the Russian Federation. 

It is also impossible to evacuate from the city of Shchastia, captured by the aggressor, which, in order to “take”, had to first be destroyed by shelling by 80%. The Russians do not allow the residents of their city, which is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, to be taken out by firing Grads at the buses. At the same time, according to the head of the Lugansk Regional State Administration, Serhiy Gaidai, while the Ukrainians want to leave, the Russian military loot – “break into shops, take food” – and do not make contact to take people out even with international organizations that work under the auspices of the UN.

War is peace?

Both chambers of the Russian parliament intend to meet for an emergency extraordinary meeting on March 4. According to adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak, this may be due to the fact that the Russians are already beginning to suspect something, feeling the anti-Russian sanctions on themselves. And the Russian government probably sees the way out as “the preventive introduction of martial law in the Russian Federation.” This, they say, will make it possible to introduce a total ban on rallies (citizens of the Russian Federation, like obedient sheep, applied for holding anti-war rallies on March 6 and 12) and cut off communications with the outside world. 

But even with the “Iron Curtain” closed off from everyone, one will have to bear responsibility for the crimes committed. And it’s not just about anti-Russian sanctions. 

First, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague launched an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan, he received communications from 39 countries about the situation in Ukraine, which allowed him to launch an investigation into “any past or current allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide committed in any part of Ukraine by any person”, starting from 21 November 2013. 

“Concrete cases that could potentially be considered as such have already been identified and will form the basis of the investigation,” the chief prosecutor said.

About documentary evidence (photos, videos, documents, eyewitness accounts) of the war crimes of the rashists (murders of civilians, barbaric rocket-bomb and artillery strikes on hospitals, schools, residential buildings and other civilian objects) can be reported to the email address otp.informationdesk@icc . 

Secondly, Ukraine applied to the European Court of Human Rights with an application for the introduction of previous measures in accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of Court on the Russian Federation, demanding, inter alia, “immediately stop military attacks against civilian objects, including residential buildings, private cars, ambulances and other specially protected civilian facilities such as schools and hospitals on the territory of Ukraine.” And the ECtHR has already taken urgent interim measures and also ordered Russia “to refrain from military attacks against civilians and civilian objects, including residential buildings, emergency vehicles and other civilian objects that enjoy protection – schools and hospitals, and immediately ensure the security of medical facilities,

Russia does not comply with the requirements of international courts / REUTERSRussia does not comply with the requirements of international courts / REUTERS

“The court not only banned Russia from using weapons against civilian objects, but completely reproduced the main requirement of Ukraine … Of course, Russia will not comply with these requirements. But now any strike on civilian infrastructure will be a direct violation of the prescriptions of the ECHR. This will greatly facilitate the proof of violations, the recovery of compensation and bring closer #KharkivTribunal,” said Ivan Lishchyna, adviser to the Minister of Justice. 

Thirdly, the Ukrainians began collecting evidence for future tribunals. In particular, you can send a description of the crimes of the rashists to the email address in the following format: when the event occurred (date, time); where it happened (as accurate as possible); circumstances (what exactly happened, what weapons were used, why we believe that the aggressor is to blame); description of casualties and destruction; photo / video to confirm the circumstances; a brief certificate from a lawyer, if he was a direct witness or from another witness, indicating the passport details of the witness; if there is an alternative version of the incident from the “northern neighbors”, then an explanation of what it consists of and why it is incorrect.

“Of course, one or another of the items listed may not exist, but it is better to try to fulfill all or most of them … If there is even a slight doubt about whether an event occurred and whether it was exactly like that, then it is better not to send information at all – less is better, but better,” notes Ivan Lishchina. 

UNIAN understands that only tough sanctions and the return of the Russian Federation to the Stone Age will help to open the eyes of the accomplices of these crimes, living in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or Ulan-Ude (in principle, any settlement in Russia), but does not stop documenting the atrocities of modern fascists. Sooner or later, all this will come in handy in international courts. And no one will succeed. Our message to the citizens of the Russian Federation: learn the words “reparation” and “indemnity”. Come in handy.

Tatiana Urbanskaya

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