Whole world late with help to Ukraine – Zelensky


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, asked by an American correspondent whether the U.S. president was late in helping Ukraine against the backdrop of the Russian invasion, said that the whole world was late in helping Ukraine with this.


“The issue is not only President Biden, the issue is the indecision of the whole world. And I tell you frankly that all these steps, and the world is stronger than Putin’s military… I would really not like any decisions regarding diplomacy, Europe, NATO, Ukraine and our independence, nuclear weapons that we heard about, or the likelihood of a nuclear strike – I would not want it to depend only on this team that gave birth, lives and dies in military uniform. Because there are decisions that are made by diplomats,” he said during a conversation with foreign journalists on Thursday.


“The military must defend and must not attack, therefore the whole world was late with Ukraine. And let them forgive me. And their people told them about it, not mine. You see what is happening in all the squares of the world. People come out and support. The whole world should know that it was late with this policy,” he added.


Responding to a question regarding a recent conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden, Zelensky said that their contact was positive.


“We had a good contact. I can tell you the truth: it’s a pity that such a conversation took place after the start of the war, and not before it. We can now often talk,” the president summed up.


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  1. Mr. Zelensky, those are our words. The west had tolerated a dwarf until it had grown into a monster. Now, it will take LOTS more to stop it than it would have five years ago.

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