US imposes tough sanctions against Peskov and 19 Russian oligarchs

Restrictions were imposed against 47 people associated with sanctioned businessmen.

The United States announced a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation / photo REUTERSThe United States announced a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation / photo REUTERS

The White House announced a new package of tough sanctions against influential Russians for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This time, the sanctions list includes the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov and 19 oligarchs and 47 people from their close circle.

This was reported in the White House.

“Today, the United States, in coordination with allies and partners, is targeting the Russian elite and family members who continue to support President Putin despite his brutal invasion of Ukraine. These people have enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian people, and some have elevated their family members to high positions. Others sit at the head of the largest Russian companies and are responsible for providing the resources needed to support Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” the White House said.

The Russian elite and family members will be disconnected from the US financial system, their assets will be frozen, and their property will be blocked for use.

Sanctions were imposed against people from Putin’s inner circle:

  • Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov  is one of the richest men in Russia and a close ally of Putin. His property will be blocked for use in the United States and by US citizens, including his superyacht, one of the largest in the world, just seized by ally Germany, and his private jet, one of Russia’s largest private jets. 
  • Dmitry Peskov  , Putin’s spokesman, is the main purveyor of Putin’s propaganda. 

The United States is imposing visa restrictions on 19 oligarchs and 47 members of their families and associates. US President Joe Biden said the state will continue to work with allies and partners to bring to justice the Russian oligarchs and corrupt leaders who profit from this violent regime.

The US and governments around the world will work to identify and freeze the assets of the Russian elites and their families in their respective jurisdictions – their yachts, luxury apartments, money and other illegal income.

The sanctions list also includes:

  • Nikolay Tokarev (his wife Galina, daughter Maya and his two luxury real estate companies);
  • Boris Rotenberg (his wife Karina and his sons Roman and Boris);
  • Arkady Rotenberg (his sons Pavel, Igor and daughter Lilia);
  • Sergey Chemezov (wife Ekaterina, son Stanislav and stepdaughter Anastasia);
  • Igor Shuvalov (his five companies, his wife Olga, his son Evgeny and his company and the plane, his daughter Maria and her company);
  • Evgeny Prigozhin (his three companies, wife Polina, daughter Lyubov and son Pavel);
  • Dmitry Peskov – press secretary of President Putin;
  • Alisher Usmanov (his superyacht, one of the largest in the world and just captured by Germany, and his private jet, one of the largest private jets in Russia).

Imposing visa restrictions on 19 Russian oligarchs, their 47 family members and close associates: The State Department today announces a new visa restriction policy to limit the issuance of visas to certain Russian oligarchs, their family members and close associates. 

The US is also imposing sanctions against  objects of disinformation: 

  • SDN Strategic Culture Foundation and related publications “One Family”, “Eurasia Rhythm” and “Tuning Fork Magazine”; 
  • southfront; 
  • SDN InfoRos; 
  • “New Eastern Forecast”; 
  • “Eastern Review”; 
  • United World International.

The US is also imposing restrictions on 26 individuals from Russia and Ukraine who play a central role in these organizations, allowing the Russian government to spread disinformation and influence perceptions of their invasion of Ukraine. It is noted that these organizations spread false narratives that promote Russian strategic goals and falsely justify the activities of the Kremlin.

Recall that  on February 24, Russia broke into Ukraine , the aggressor began to bomb military facilities, and then attacked civilian cities. Ukrainian territory was also bombed from the territory of Belarus.

A number of countries around the world have decided to punish the Russian authorities for a new aggression against Ukraine – they have introduced fresh sanctions.

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