Ukraine ready for dialogue, but no one should talk to it as second-class country – Zelensky


The Ukrainian side is ready for a dialogue with the Russian leadership, but it is not worth communicating as if Ukraine is a second-class country.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made this statement at a meeting with representatives of the world media at the press center of the Ukrainian President’s Office in Kyiv, Ukrinform reports.


“We are ready for this [dialogue]. We want peace. It’s just not worth talking to us as a country of another class, another species, from another planet. If we talk in a humane way on equal terms, if we discuss all these issues of danger and solve all this – this is my main message,” he said.


He stressed that he is well aware of Putin’s demands and his entourage, including the functioning of the Russian language and the status of the occupied territories.


“I believe that we should speak without insults, without conditions. We should talk just like people, like men. It is very important. If it’s possible, I don’t know what’s wrong with him now… I’m ready to discuss all the issues,” Zelensky added.


As reported, on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Martial law was imposed. Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization.


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  1. My guess is that putler suffers from serious medical issues. Firstly he is a psychopath; probably from birth. Secondly, he has clearly become psychotic and believes his own lies.
    Instead of being in the psych ward, he’s running a nuclear armed country.

    • Accusing a nation governed by a jewish president of being nazis requires a huge paranoia. The word ‘fear’ does not exist in my vocabulary, i’m a former elite soldier, but concern does exist. And i am seriously concerned about this mentally unstable idiot.

      • My main emotion for days now is anger. It is an anger so strong that I don’t know how to channel it. Minced meat is nothing when compared to what that rat would look like if I got my hands on him. I’m also angry at our pack of incompetent marshmallow politicians. They are also at fault for what is happening to Ukraine.

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