Time to increase pressure on the enemy who has lost the initiative – Reznikov

Russia could not stand it and began to admit losses.

Alexey Reznikov / photo REUTERSAlexey Reznikov / photo REUTERS

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that our army is successfully meeting the frontal attacks of the Russian invaders and that it is time to increase pressure on the enemy, who has lost the initiative.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

“Russia could not stand it and began to admit losses. This happened thanks to the heroism of our defenders and defenders. And also thanks to the fighters of the information front who broke through the information blockade. It’s time to increase pressure on the enemy who has lost the initiative. It’s time to move on to total resistance. Our army is successfully meeting frontal attacks of Russian invaders.

Our special units – SSO, special forces of the SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate – are effectively destroying Russian troops on the march,” the minister said.

He also addressed the citizens who are in the territories temporarily occupied by the enemy: “With your help, our army will quickly overcome and expel the occupiers. We must deprive the Russian troops of rear support.”

“Do not touch the tanks. Only if you really want to. Destroy the rear columns. They follow the columns with armored vehicles. If the enemy is left without fuel, ammunition, food, engineering and repair support, he will become helpless. Hunters. Jaegers. Foresters. You know every path and every ravine in your land. This is your time. The enemy must feel that every step without an invitation on Ukrainian soil can be his last. It is necessary that the occupier have only one motivation – to escape from our country as soon as possible,” he stressed Reznikov.

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  1. Very good words. I’m sure that the courageous Ukrainian men and women are already doing this.

  2. No mercy with state-sponsored terrorism of any kind worldwide. All individuals involved will be identified, exposed and brought to justice, no matter how long it takes.

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