Putin told Macron that he wants to seize all of Ukraine

The President of the aggressor country refuses any compromises.

Макрон заявил, что Путин отказался от компромиссов по Украине / фото REUTERSMacron said that Putin refused to compromise on Ukraine / photo REUTERS

During a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation would continue its offensive in order to capture all of Ukraine. He refused to compromise.

It is reported by BFMTV with reference to the Elysee Palace.

Macron believes that “the worst is yet to come.” During an hour and a half conversation, the Russian president told Macron that the “operation” of the Russian army was going “according to the plan” of Moscow. He also threatened to aggravate if the Ukrainians did not accept his terms.

“President Macron expects the worst is yet to come, given what President Putin has told him,” the Elysee Palace said.

The eighth day of opposition to the Russian military invasion continues. The occupying troops this night  again resorted to the tactics of shelling the residential areas of large cities . 

In the Black Sea, groups of the enemy fleet continue to fire on civilian ships and capture sailors. In the water area, the movement of a landing detachment of four large landing ships and three missile boats in the direction of Odessa is observed.

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    • I believe he is targeting civilians in an effort to bring the West into this fight. Putin thinks if he kills enough children, women and merchants western capitals will come to the rescue. As they should…but…then Putin can claim he is defending his country not invading Ukraine. He would regain his domestic support.
      As it stands the Cyborgs are defeating the nazis but the nazis are targeting children. Its a very tough pill to swallow. We can only hope Moskovia will collapse again or that Russians finally stand up and start Red Square Maidan.

      • Putin is claiming that he is defending his country now. Everyone also knows it is a lie, unless they are gullible and buy anything Putin says as from the throne of god.

  1. The rat is indeed a raging rat. The tens of thousands of words that we’ve written in the past 8 years, warning about appeasement, were for nothing!

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