Moldova prepared to defend itself after map shows former Soviet republic as possible next Russian target

Moldova is prepared to defend itself against a “very worst-case scenario,” Ambassador Eugen Caras say

WASHINGTON, DC – The Moldovan ambassador to the U.S. said Wednesday his country is prepared to defend its borders if Russia or Belarus were to invade the former Soviet republic. 

“The country is prepared [for] any kind of scenarios, including the very worst-case scenario,” Ambassador Eugen Caras told Fox News in an exclusive interview. “So we will be defending what’s to be defended.”

A day earlier, video surfaced showing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko standing in front of a map that appeared to indicate the Moldovan breakaway state of Transnistria as a potential next target.

Refugees fleeing war in Ukraine arrive to Palanca, Moldova, Tuesday, March 1, 2022. 

Refugees fleeing war in Ukraine arrive to Palanca, Moldova, Tuesday, March 1, 2022.  (Associated Press)

Lukashenko is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in the region. Belarus was instrumental in the lead-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

‘Mistake’ on the map?

Caras said the Belarusians told Moldovan officials that the placement of Moldova on the map was a “mistake.”

A deputy-level foreign minister summoned the Belarusian ambassador to Moldova to the Foreign Ministry and was asked for clarity, according to Caras.

“From what I understand, the ambassador said that there was a mistake on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus,” Caras told Fox News. 


Caras said Moldova is not in a state of panic, though the country is worried about a potential threat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin during their meeting in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin during their meeting in Moscow. (Associated Press)

“We are very concerned with this situation. We condemn this,” Caras, who assumed his post in 2020, told Fox News. “One cannot be sure 100% of the next phase. Will we be targeted or not? As of today, it seems that we are not a target.”

“But what happens in a week’s time? I cannot predict,” Caras continued. “We are very vigilant. We are very concerned.”

Caras said the Moldovan defense forces were “prepared” and that there was not an “imminent threat” of invasion.

Belarus joined Russia, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria in opposing a United Nations resolution on Wednesday condemning the Russian invasion. 

NATO membership?

Moldova, which has a neutrality provision written into its constitution, hasn’t sought NATO membership, but Caras told Fox News the war in Ukraine could change that. 

Eugen Caras, Moldova's ambassador to the United States, speaks with Fox News Digital.

Eugen Caras, Moldova’s ambassador to the United States, speaks with Fox News Digital.

“I wouldn’t rule out that this could shape the perception in the people’s mind of the security situation or the security needs and the requirements in the future,” Caras said.

He said Moldova has been accepting Ukrainian refugees since Russia invaded a week ago. 

“We have new and new refugees crossing into Moldova,” he told Fox News. “The latest figures are around 114,000 people crossing into Moldova since the war broke out.”

“Some of them, they use Moldova as a transit country, and they go on to the rest of Europe,” Caras continued. “But roughly … 55,000 people [are] staying in Moldova.”


  1. I said recently that Moldova would be next. But, only if mafia land survives the Ukrainian defenders! Maybe Moldova should join the fight on Ukraine’s side, if it thinks it’s in danger. It won’t be joining NATO anytime soon. That’s a pipe dream, like it was for Ukraine.

    • I agree. But like many other countries it seems the political leaders are into “won’t happen to me.” Otherwise we’d be seeing Polish and the Baltic army in the fight.

      By the way have you had any luck getting into the fight. I’m still working my contacts.

      • No. There still is no access to the Ukrainian embassy website. I’ve been trying for 3 days now. I could just go to Lviv from Poland and register there, but my problem is, I desperately want to be in Kyiv. I would prefer having someone to talk to before I risk the flight and all. Besides, I’m not the youngest anymore and they might refuse my services. I’m also battling with my children, who are against me going and my Oksana also said she would be pissed if I came. But, I feel so useless unless I have a rifle in my hands to defend this brave country from this evilness!

        • Yeah, you’re in a pickle Sir Facts, we all are. We are stuck fighting from our asses while the women cry. Tomorrow I have a grandson’s birthday and he will be in a cold dark bomb shelter. No music, no gifts, no grandpa. What birthday?
          First we had covid for a year then we had hyperventillated bureaucrats for a year and now this. I haven’t seen the little birthday boy since he was almost 2. He will be 5 tomorrow.

        • I know what you mean. I’m not a young chicken but hell I know weapons and can use them. My nephew also wants to go. Now he is a retired natal lion sniper in US marines. He can kick some serious ass

      • I’m sure there is no maximum or minimum, even if you just went to L’viv there’s plenty to do as a volunteer. You could go to the military or a church or the Red Cross, etc. there’s also a major veteran rehab center in L’viv.

      • Just saw a report on Fox about foreign fighters going to Ukraine. The camera crew was together with a group of Americans and Canadians. But, they didn’t mention any details on how and what to do to volunteer.

      • Absolutely! America invaded Syria. President Bashar Assad asked President Putin for help. Just like leaders of Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic. I hope you will watch the video I am sharing now Steve BeNon.

        • Do you get paid like a cheap whore for lying for your Führer, or do you lie for free?

          • If you don’t like the blog than unfollow and have a nice life. If you are ready to look beyond what legacy media brainwashes people to think then syay, and start constructive unemotional conversation. But calling someone a whore or liar is unacceptable behavior.

              • The irony if your name onlyfactspleae is hilarious. If you think calling me names is going to push me to conform to your opinion, you’re in for a bad surprise. I grew up with a mother who was verbally abusive. She’s been dead for 9 yrs.. You are an amateur compared to her. You need to go home and grow up more before you can get close to making me shudder. 🖕

        • So now you are an apologist for the leader that used chemical weapons on his own people. Congratulations. By the way, NOBODY invited Putin to occupy anything in Ukraine. There are no “leaders” of Donetsk/Luhansk occupations. In Ukraine they VOTE, not appoint. Nobody recognizes those areas except you and Putin. I would remind you that in the UN vote only 10 out of 192 countries support what you said. Again, congratulations you can see you are in the extreme 5% of stupid, fascists.

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