Is Putin terminally ill ?


There is speculation that Vladimir Putin is behaving in the way he is because he’s terminally ill. There is no concrete evidence showing this, however, a number of factors play into making a circumstantial case for it. Putin seems totally unconcerned with the consequences of the war he is fighting in Ukraine and what it has done to the Russian economy and the people of his country. Some believe him to look ill in the videos he’s putting out and clips released days apart show him wearing the same clothes.


This suggests maybe they were filmed on the same day because he’s not well enough to be out of bed very often. If Putin is indeed terminally ill, this could be incredibly dangerous for the people of the world as he could be open to the idea of leaving behind a path of destruction in a World War III-like scenario.


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  1. I doubt that the military would be so insane to launch nuclear weapons without absolute certainty that someone else is attacking them. They might as well shoot their own wives and kids in the head and then themselves.
    I would highly welcome a terminally ill mafia rat.

    • One of my contacts told me RuSSia intends to create a fake attack on RuSSia by Ukraine, to – after declaring State of Emergency – unleash a brute war against Ukraine. I hope this is not true.

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