Russian colonel liquidated in Ukraine (photo)

Violetta Orlova 08:04, 02.03.22 UNIAN

It is reported that the Russian colonel was liquidated in Donbas.

It became known about the death of Russian Colonel Viktor Isaykin, who came to fight against Ukraine.

The head of the Mordovian Republic of the Russian Federation Artem Zdunov announced his liquidation on Instagram.

Isaykin went to Ukraine as part of Russian troops to take part in an attempt to occupy our country. 

“He was 40 years old. Victor Ivanovich Isaikin – military personnel, colonel,” – said in a statement.


Earlier, a mechanized battalion of one of the brigades of the Armed Forces in the battle near Kharkiv  captured six of the newest Russian  T-80BVM tanks from the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The battalion managed to acquire enemy equipment on the BMP-2 and with one Javelin anti-tank missile system. 


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