On March 4, Russia set to impose martial law – Ukraine’s NSDC secretary


The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, has confirmed earlier reports that from March 4, the Russian Federation intends to impose martial law across the country.


The statement came as Danilov was speaking on the air of Ukraine 24 TV, answering questions about the possible application for martial law in Russia.


“First, this is the data available to our intelligence that from March 4, the Russian Federation is set to indeed impose martial law in the country. I’d like to see how Moscow and St. Petersburg, where there’s a lot of intellegenzia, will react to this, as they understand what is happening in the Russian Federation. Today, if Putin lacks cannon fodder, he can take children he’s drafting into the army to deploy here, into our meat grinder. I don’t understand why he’s doing this,” Danilov stressed.


He also noted that many Russians who hold positions in government don’t understand what is going on in Putin’s head.


“Bombing our peaceful cities, bombing Kharkiv, bombing historic cities, killing children – what were you even thinking to commit all this?” said Danilov.


He also recalled the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the intention to remove nationalists from Ukraine.


“Then I must say that 95% of the citizens of our country must be killed,” Danilov said.


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    • Carriers have no application to the situation. The Black Sea is too confined and carriers would be completely vulnerable from the time they exit the Bosporus. The Montreux convention does not allow them either. Operations are not possible in the Barents for now, and they are much too close to the coast when they go there to be safely operated there. Carriers are handy where you can have a nearly permissive environment, but where missiles are handy and nearby, they are death traps.

      W do need to be discussing basing with countries in the vicinity. I have a sneaking suspicion that Putin is going to get really stupid and draw NATO in. He already has admitted he can’t take on NATO.

      • I read that a Russian businessman has put up a million dollars for his “removal”

      • A business man has already put a price on his head. I’d offer a million for him, and 30 million for just his head.

    • We have spent years here trying to get attention from the world on behalf of Ukraine but most would not listen. Even in the media they take Kremlin talking points with hardly a caveat. Some are still not listening to Ukraine but they enjoy all the firey and explosive backdrops and bookends. They don’t know how to spell or pronounce words and give updates like its a football game and see how much new destruction there is. Meanwhile hardly a peep about the financial situation in the Russia, the military mutinies, sabotage, murdering of injured, or a bounty on Putin’s head. Just bombs and crying bombs and crying. The same dorks that said Ukraine’s air defense would fold in 2 hours are still speaking……

      • I wish Petro would take power! If this would have happened under him i would increase our strength 1000%. But Zelensky is like a shit-stain. I hope Israel did not forget my friendship with Ariel Sharon btw.

        • Well, we can only have one president at a time so we have Zelensky until the next election and we should support him 1,000% in a time of war. The enemy would love to divide us.

    • It should be interesting if the Moskali call for Martial law. You remember Vladolf said his army was just going on a peacekeeping mission to the Donbas. Now Russians can find out it is a full blown invasion. They won’t be able to control the population then. Red Square maidan…..

      • How great that Red Square Maidan would be! But, we are talking about brainwashed sheep. I’m sure that most know that are being lied to about this war. Social media is alive and well in mafia land, even if partially slowed down. Hunger is the only thing that will make them hit the streets. The necessary sanctions should have happened weeks ago. Maybe they will still help Ukraine. Who knows? It’s all speculation.

          • Who knows, Red, maybe there are some who already volunteered. Did you hear anything in this regard?

            • No, I haven’t heard of any recycling. I suppose that’s good news. It will be interesting in the Russia today, I guess part of Putin’s Martial Plan includes mandatory military enlistment for certain people. Especially those that have been arrested for protesting. Imagine that?!
              Human fucking cannon fodder in plain sight. That’s godda be a war crime too. Putin is either terminally ill or he has lost his mind. Or he’s pure evil.

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