Klitschko: Large number of tanks coming in from Belarus, Kyiv preparing for defense


The situation remains tense. Currently, a large number of tanks are approaching the Ukrainian capital from the Belarus direction.


Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitschko spoke about this on the air of Ukraine 24 TV, Ukrinform reports.


The situation is tense. As we’re preparing, a large number of tanks are coming in from the east, from Belarus. Our guys are also preparing to defend us… I can say that I’m proud to be Ukrainian and these efforts undertaken of our guys are the efforts of strong will, showing our Ukrainian character. Our guys are performing astonishingly in repelling the attacks on Kyiv. Today, the Russian’s target is our capital,” Klitschko said.


He added that he had inspected the checkpoints that are now preparing to face the enemy. “And I am surprised that people who have never carried a weapon in their lives, doctors, theater actors, now do so and say that we will defend our homes and defend our country and our city. I have never seen such a patriotic rise in any country,” Klitschko said.


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  1. Tanks are sitting ducks for today’s munitions if they do not have trained infantry in front. Russia has tried using conscript cannon fodder for defense, and failed. Attack is much harder.

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