Bayraktar destroys two enemy columns in Sumy region

The number of destroyed invaders is not specified.

photo UNIANphoto UNIAN

In the Sumy region on the evening of March 1, “Bayraktar” began to work against the invaders, a lot of Russian equipment was destroyed.

This was announced by the chairman of the Sumy Regional State Administration Dmitry Zhivitsky on  Facebook .

Thus, the Ukrainian military neutralized the parking lot of about 80 vehicles, half of which were Grady vehicles. This happened near the Pustovoitovka, Romensky district.

Near the village of Bishkin, about 100 pieces of Russian equipment, mostly tanks and armored personnel carriers, were destroyed.

Earlier, near Kharkov, the Ukrainian military bombed the 200th motorized rifle brigade of the RF Armed Forces . The crew of the Javelin ATGM destroyed the Russian self-propelled gun 2S3 Akatsiya, the vehicle shattered into atoms, along with the crew.

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    • Indeed! Looking at the craft, I would say the radar cross-section is very small and he fire control radars of the missile batteries aren’t seeing it. Those drones could run amok and do very serious damage by themselves. I don’t like the fact that human beings are dying in a situation a sorry dictator placed them in, but would still be satisfied to see a “highway of death” such as was seen in Kuwait at the end of desert storm.

      Those thinking that a few A-10s would be just peachy, you don’t want them using the anti-tank ammo those things use when the mount the 300mm gun they used to carry. The penetrators of those projectiles are depleted uranium, and you don’t want that dust all over the country. They would be hell on Putin’s Soviet tanks, though. I suspect Tungsten penetrators would be effective on the top armor, but they would have to manufacture the ammo and i have my doubts that they would get to the front on time.

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