The Odessa region was fired at with rockets

Ivan Boyko 08:13, 01.03.22 UNIAN

The goal was an air defense radar

The village of Loshchynivka in the Izmail district (northern Odessa region) was shelled.

The mayor of Izmail Andrey Abramchenko  reported about it .

” Dear citizens of Izmail! A missile strike was carried out on a military unit (radar) in the village of Loshchynivka,” the statement said.

It should be noted that radar stations are located on the Izmail-Odessa highway near Loshchynivka. They are part of the air defense forces.

Abramchenko did not report the consequences of the shelling, the number of victims and the damage caused.

Earlier in the 28th separate mechanized brigade. The Knights of the Winter Campaign stated that Odessa and the Odessa region were crammed with saboteurs.

In Odesa, Stanislav Yarmola,  the head of the regional department of the South Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was seriously injured during the detention of the saboteurs .

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