The best fighter pilot in the world Oksanchenko died in an air battle – he distracted Russian aviation

Colonel Alexander Oksanchenko is rightfully considered one of the best aerobatic pilots of combat aircraft.

Oksanchenko died in aerial combat

One of the best fighter pilots in the world, Ukrainian Colonel Oleksandr Oksanchenko, was killed in an air battle. He diverted enemy aircraft.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Colonel Oksanchenko posthumously with the title of Hero of Ukraine.

“Colonel Oleksandr Oksanchenko, now a Hero of Ukraine, died in an air battle, diverting enemy aircraft to himself … It’s a pity that he did not receive the Hero of Ukraine during his lifetime, because he was worth it … He is a Hero for me forever. Forever alive”, – Lana Borisova wrote on Facebook .

(C)UNIAN 2022


    • Eternal memory Slava Ukraini may pilots be inspired to go pick up a mig-29 in Poland and make Russia pay dearly

  1. Experienced pilots and those as brave as Colonel Oleksandr Oksanchenko are very, very difficult to replace. As a matter of fact, in a war that might not last so long, it’s impossible. If only the West had been so smart and courageous to announce a no-fly-zone over Ukraine!

  2. WWIII is coming…

    KIEV, March 1. /TASS/. Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia will transfer 70 combat aircraft to Ukraine that can be stationed on airfields in Poland, press service of the Ukrainian Navy said on its official page in Facebook.

    “If necessary, they can be stationed on Polish airfields, from which Ukrainian pilots will perform combat missions,” the press service said.

    According to its data, Bulgaria will transfer 16 MiG-29 fighters and 14 Su-25 attack planes, Poland – 28 MiG-29 planes, and Slovakia – 12 MiG-29 planes.

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