“Officers kill their wounded”: captured occupier about atrocities in his army (video)

They are left dead on the battlefield, their relatives are not notified.

Captured Russian occupier spoke about atrocities in his armyCaptured Russian occupier spoke about atrocities in his army

The captured Russian occupier spoke about atrocities in his army – officers kill their wounded soldiers, leave the dead on the battlefield, do not notify relatives.

This was reported by the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“We were sent to death. They don’t even take 200! They kill the wounded themselves! A week has passed, and no one even got a funeral,” the prisoner said.

The SBU noted that this “warrior” was more fortunate than others – he was captured in Ukraine.

“The invader cries and asks his mother to contact the Union of Mothers of Russia, hopes for an exchange. The soldier is also afraid for the fate of his relatives, so he asks not to tell the whole truth about the war in Ukraine, so as not to fall under the repression of the Russian special services,” the Service added.


As UNIAN reported earlier, the Russian captive officer has already been exchanged for five territorial defense soldiers .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. We already know that Russia is a crime syndicate, and so this story – even if only partially true – is yet another piece in this puzzle that has confused too many naive politicians across the Western world.

    • Yeah its not surprising but it needs to get through to the Russian people. There are ways to get around TASS and RT to inform the Russian people about their nazi leader. If he ever returns to Moscow he may be in for a surprise.

        • Yeah me too. I have a Russian friend in the US and her mother went to Crimea on Putin’s relocation program. She loves complaining and blames the US for everything and I mean everything. Its like sport for her. She even knew she wouldn’t see her family again because of the sanctions and she didn’t care.

          • Such people are so brainwashed that I wonder if they have a brain left over at all. Certainly, they lack even common sense.

            • I think you’re right, they have no brain and they don’t even want to think for themselves, its too much work. That’s why they are sheep and they like it that way. They call it…..order.

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