Kadyrov acknowledged the losses among Chechens fighting in Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 08:18, 01.03.22 UNIAN

Two were killed and six were injured.

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, acknowledged that there were casualties among the Chechens involved in the invasion of Ukraine.

He reported about them on his page in the Telegram.

Kadyrov showing the world how big his…finger….is.

“Among the natives of the Chechen Republic there are already casualties. Two died and six others were injured to varying degrees,” the Chechen leader wrote.

Earlier in Kyiv, a  group of dangerous Kadyrov saboteurs was neutralized by GUR fighters.  “A valiant Ukrainian military spy (GUR MOU) in Kyiv partially shot and partially detained a group of Chechen saboteurs who were traveling through Kyiv in an ambulance,” Anton Gerashchenko wrote.


  1. I heard they went home but losing just 2 shouldn’t send you home if you’re Kadyrov. It will be interesting to see what numbers Ukraine comes out with. and how many captured.

  2. Kadyrov is every bit the lying sack of shit as every other member of putin’s Nazi regime. I would bet a testicle that their losses were much higher.

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