“Aviation bombed”: AFU destroyed a column of Russian invaders near Nikolaev (photo, video)

The Russian military met stiff resistance in the Nikolaev region.

photo t.me/bashtanka_nowphoto t.me/bashtanka_now

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a convoy of Russian military, which set off from Nikolaev in the direction of Bashtanka during the day.

This was announced by the head of the Kirovograd Regional State Administration Maria Chernaya.

“The whole day we watched the movement of the column of invaders from the direction of Nikolaev. Now I can share good news. The column of Russian military reached Bashtanka, where they met fierce resistance. Here it was bombed by our aircraft, and the local terrorist defense drove through the fields. Bug. But this did not help them. Our Armed Forces fired on and burned the rest of the column – several dozen armored vehicles,” she noted. “The offensive has been stopped. But we do not lose vigilance. The enemy is very cunning.”


The details of the battle were also told by the head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim.

photo t.me/bashtanka_nowphoto t.me/bashtanka_now

“There is already a video showing 800 pieces of equipment being fired, let’s see how many actually were. But a lot of equipment was laid down. Of our losses – one Mi-8 helicopter, only one plane was shot down, the pilots are alive, they were evacuated,” he said.


According to him, the inhabitants of Bashtanka took two armored personnel carriers from the Russian military for their own defense.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I’d heard this morning (my time 04:00, Ukrainian time, 14:00) from commentators on the Daily Wire, about a very large column of russian enemy vehicles moving towards Kiev. Probably for reinforcing the siege line around the capital. At first I’d thought this group was part of that, but it seems smaller than I’d heard of.

    Though I’m still concerned about putin throwing even more of his pawns into this pointless, bloody game of his, I’m encouraged that Ukraine is still holding a strong position. I pray that you can keep going and push the invaders out. I expect I’ll probably have the money to fly in myself, in April. Mostly because I want to rescue my fiancée Liudmila, but I’d fight alongside the Ukrainian militia if the situation asks it of me.

    • Hopefully Putin won’t have any Orcs left by then. He brought the kitchen sink to Ukraine. He even brought the Chechens and Belarusians. Good things the Kazakhs told him no. While his army is getting whittled down, his ass is straight up in the air in the east.
      Wink wink to North Korea….go eat you guys!

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