“We did not expect such a rebuff”: a Russian sniper was detained in Mariupol (video)

Violetta Orlova 02:57, 28.02.22 UNIAN

The occupier admitted that he had been ordered to open fire on the defeat.

A Russian sniper was detained by the National Guard and the Donetsk Region Police in Mariupol .

This was reported in the National Police .

It is noted that the 28-year-old detainee is a citizen of the Russian Federation. He arrived in Ukraine on behalf of the Russian special services. If he refused, he was threatened with imprisonment.

The occupier admitted that he had been ordered to open fire on the defeat.

The detainee is charged with Part 3 of Art. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) and Part 3 of Art. 332-2 (illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

A sniper from the Russian Federation was taken prisoner in Mariupol / photo by the National Police


  1. How long are these monkeys in the Kremlin going to get away with lying to their military and lying to their people? As of NOW, the ruble has been more than cut in half since last Friday and it could collapse completely today. Its time the Russian oligarchs took care of business, otherwise the people of Russia will hold them accountable too.
    Fuck Putin or he will continue to fuck you Russians.

  2. Recruits who are forced to fight under threat of punishment are generally poor fighters. It’s nice to see this happening with the orc army. Maybe some of those Ruskis could join on Ukraine’s side?

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