“To Moscow on their own: in the Sumy region, the invaders abandoned their equipment and went to the Russian Federation on foot (video)

A group of Russian military returned to the Russian Federation “under its own power.”

In the village of Pidlipne, Sumy region, the “invincible” Russian military abandoned their equipment and set off for Russia on foot.

Eyewitnesses posted a video from the scene.

The video shows how nine occupiers with belongings abandoned heavy equipment and returned to Russia.

The locals asked if the invaders had mined the area around their vehicles. They assured that they didn’t. The villagers supported the decision of the Russian military and wished them to return home alive.

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  1. Good to see. You can’t operate without food or fuel. As the Confederates to used to say, “Keep the skeer on!”

  2. A US general once said, WWII was won with trucks! How right he was! Seems like the Ruskies have neglected this aspect of their attempted genocide.

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